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LH: Leach by The-Red-Right-Hand LH: Leach by The-Red-Right-Hand
Yisss! Thought i’d try a different style of presenting his ‘info’ :U through a monologue tape recorder, enjoy!


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LH: Leach by Vivid-Warehouse
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- Radio clicking noise -

“testing, testing …. yeah, seems to work.

My name is Obadiah Crain, or as various government / criminal networks and the public has come to know me as the vigilante ‘Leach’.

If you are listening to this it means I am dead, the courier has already sent this tape to the various recipients along with enclosed documents of who I am and what I have done.

I guess this is a final confession, but we’ll get to my story later. Ahem, Starting with my ‘records’, a copy enclosed in File A.

Obadiah Crain

‘Hero’ name and aliases: 
Leach, or The Leach

Date of birth:
May 22nd 1979, current age of cording this 35 years.


around 6 foot.

‘powers I guess:’
My erm….current ‘skillset’ is a better word for it. A full list of former skills enclosed in file A.

- Secret services training: this includes working undercover, military combat and training with firearms, along with over 12 years of combat experience in the field.

- Information gathering: As part of my ‘training’ over my several careers hacking, interrogation and … persuasion have been a key part of my work. Enclosed in File C, D and F are the full records of my investigations into criminal networking within the city of Littlevile, all files regarding ‘villains’ will be sent to the appropriate groups. All investigations on ‘hero’s will be destroyed.

- Arsenal: Though this isn’t much of a skill set as it is a ‘perk’ I have acquired a wide range of hardware and weaponry through criminal organizations and ‘favors’ through my previous line of work. What ever the situation as long as I’ve prepped before hand I can get my hand on most  weapons and gadgets for the job, though I don't tend to go crazy with this sort of thing, explosives and heavy weaponry tend to attract too much attention and are much harder to get a hold of.

Weapon list includes: (must be stated at start of rp)
- Assault Rifle: SCAR-H, M4 Carbine
- Sniper Rifel: m14 ebr
- sub machine-gun: SC-3A1
- DMR: SIG 556 DMR
- Shotgun: aa12
- Pistols: qsz-92
- Launchers: ASG GL-06 Grenade Launcher.
- C4
- Flash Banks
- m2 SLAM anti-tank mines
- Compound Hunting Bow

Equipment / gadget list.
- UCAV small recon drone
- PDL night vision / vehicle tracking.
- Motion Sensor ball.
- Grapple Launcher
- tranquilizer gun
- Handcuffs
- Usb connection to 5g server hacking
- Wire Rope
- Magnet grapple
- Lock pick
- Morphine glove.
- Tazer Glove

In file E you will find the location of my ‘stock pile’ vault, though this file has been sent separately to trusted police officials before hand to stop them falling into the wrong hands. Most weapons are traceable and in the document are names and locations of these providers, I don't take pride in funding them for my work but I can at least take them down with me.

Gadgets and equipment however have not been enclosed and I can reassure you now that the provider has been alerted and is probably long gone by now, he’s a good man … he doesn’t need to sink with me.

occupation and /or Job outside of vigilantism: 
I didn’t exactly have a ‘job’ outside of my actual work, Most of my income came from taking money from the people I turned in, but to keep my cover I went under the guise of a tech engineer. It allowed me to justify the various ‘gadgets’ I used in my social life as well as keeping neighbors happy with the story that I work ‘the night shift’.

Sexual orientation: 
Pft...erm Straight, single and with no living relatives.

Objects carried on me at all times,

Leach Mask:
The mask is a custom built ballistics mask with various ‘perks’
- Internal heads up display through the left eye as well with various cameras that allow simple thermal and night vision.
- Mini 30 minutes breathing filter
- 4g connection through a proxy server, allows access to internet and my personal server.
- Facial recognition / recording software streamed directly to personal server.
- Sonic Radar Detection device (sound radar)
- Voice filter

Night Sticks X2:
Two retractable Night sticks, tightly squeeze the bottom with your little finger to run an electrical current through it, needs to recharge over time but can last up to 5 minutes, shock can also be administered directly from the bud of the stick. The shocking feature in the sticks require glove with nano chip install in the palm to activate stun feature.

A small collection of detonated devices, for various circumstances. Each charge can only set off once a set distance away from the Leach Mask.

- Explosive X2
- Smoke X1 (5 small capsules each)
- Spice X1 (8 capsules each full of irritable spice powder)
- shock X1 electrical surge on contact can act as an EMP or stun.

Pistol: X1 with silencer. Gun require nano-chip in gloves palm to unlock safety.

Kevlar vest X1

Combat Knife X1

Taser gun X1

- rustling of papers-

That concludes the full description sheet of File A. In file B you should have a full psyche evaluation and documented history of my life which I will go briefly over now.

Psyche Evaluation of personality:
performed by doctor Emmet Scrouche 2010 on October the 8th, at the time was unaware of what I did or who I was. Ahem, a shale read a small extract of one of from Doctor Scrouche’s report

‘From our first counseling Obadiah Crain struck me as a troubled and heavy hearted individual. Events from his past (which he has yet to inform me of) weigh heavy in his mind, the man seems racked with guilt for his former actions and uses that as a strong drive to do good in his life. I have pinned this down to three key points.

Troubled; Mr Crain has openly admitted to extreme reactions of guilt and self loathing based on more recent traumatic events, he talks about having nightmares of ‘slipping back into that dark and hated person’ and in several of our sessions referred to himself as a monster.

Moral Driven: His sense of morality seems to deriven from his past, I can only speculate that whatever dark deeds he had partaken in seemed to mold his sense of right and wrong, making it rather black and white, the bad people hurt others and deserve to be hurt, the good people don't deserve the injustices of the world, what is right and what is wrong.

Hot Headed: Though mild mannered and polite his limits can easily be pushed when trying to assume and pass judgement on his character, I can gather he is patient but any time I bring up to ask about his past or assume he gets very defensive very quick.

Blunt: Not that this is much of a personality flaw Mr Cain is very blunt in his opinion, it probably comes from his black and white opinion on ethics and order, he had gone on to explain that his life had life had been full of false truths and lies that being blunt and honest was a form of release.

Ruthless: With a mix of the four previous personality traits I can see that Mr Cain is a ruthless man, no empathy for people he would consider ‘evil’ and in the same manner considers himself a similar kind of evil. It is what fuels his self loathing and troubled manner.

The rest of that report can be found in file B. I dont want to stress enough that Doctor  Scrouche had no hand in my choice to become the Leach or to become a Vigilante, thoses choices where my own months after his counseling.  

My History: 
All documents regarding birth and service records what where not destroyed by the MI6 can be found in File G, though fragmented it is clear proof of the work I did and the crimes committed under government jurisdiction.

My hope in all this is that this document will go public across the world fast, I know how cover ups work, trying to sell this story will get it shut down quickly, or worse various degrees of treason. Along in file G are access addresses to private servers with all the information ready to be distributed through various news sites under an unknown proxii for your own protection.

Right then, lets start from the beginning.

I was born and grew up in south of manchester, a small urban estate in a tacky high rise apartment block. My father an ex army dropout and my mother … in a nicer word ‘junky’. It was a dysfunctional family to say to least.

I grew up in a world hating the old and doing whatever I liked, from stealing to beating people up because its what ‘my friends did’. It eventually it got to the point where my father got sick of it and shipped me off to the army at the age of 16 ‘for my own good’, honestly don’t blame them.

4 years training until I ran my first toure stationed in europe, I spent 3 years there working as a communications officer as I was the only one that seemed to speak the native language. I started simply standing by and translating but by my own accord I started to hone my skills in enemy interrogation.

It wasn’t sudden, just a siperly slope from being in the room to taking part, and I was good at it, very good at it. I remember one of my first ‘clients’ described me as a Leech, sucking out the souls of men to get what I needed to know, and feeding off whatever life they had left.

It became apparent that my set of skills needed little resources and I could work almost anywhere and just like that my career took a step forward into field work which was probably where it all went wrong. not that I was bad at handling myself behind enemy lines but in black-ops work there are no rules, no one to hold you back. I spent about 5 years doing this, working across seas in ‘off the book’ jobs until I was hand picked for a role, an agent in her majesty's secret service.

Now I wasn’t home schooled or brought up into the job from the bottom but I seemed to have the right kind of skills to work alone in the field, tracking down targets, finding out what I needed to, ‘leeching’ off the surrounding area for equipment, all they needed to do was send on a plane and with a fake passport and some money and I could work my way up from that.

I was even off the books for MI6, a personal attack dog with no name or identity for missions where the service couldn’t exactly ‘get involved’, it was as shady as you could get, and only two men knew my identity or who I was. I went under the name ‘Mr Witt’ and my calling card was the yellow smiley face mask I wore, it helped strike fear into any one who even heard the name, I became the boogie man of espionage.

I could literally do as I pleased, I had protection from the secret service, enough guns and equipment to take care of any mission and like a ghost I could just disappear without a trace, the perfect attack dog, I worked all around the world, hunting down terrorist cells, cartels, yakuza, mafia … even other political agents.

But a few years in I went to fa-.


I went to far. I was asked to gather intel from a UN official, information that held significant to some very important peoples plans. So I broke into his house, tied up his wife and two kids and I waited for him to come home.

- shuddered breathing -.

I was there for 7 hours and left four bodies, three skinned alive and the UN official with a bullet in his head. I’d never interrogated a family before, or children but at the time Mr. Witt wasn’t payed to ask questions or have morals, but after that it started to dawn on me. I started to look back on what i’d done, what i’d become and done to so many people, and how i’d carved myself into this monster.

I went K.I.A for a month after that, about 3 gallons of whiskey and spiraling depression set in motion before I started getting contact, guess they didn’t like not knowing where Mr. Witt was, or what he was doing. By that point I wanted out, what I was doing for these kind of people was wrong, so with a bit of help from a few ‘friends’ I managed to fake my death with a ‘public’ execution video, I don't think it was leaked to the public but it allowed me to get off the trid with a substantial amount of money, or at least whatever I had left.

For about another year after that I was in a kind of limbo, moving between places, having therapy and just hating myself … during that year I considered overdosing on the anti depression medication but an epiphany came to mind. I could safely say the only thing I was good for was killing people, and during my time taking down mob operations I was doing good and maybe it was best if I kept on with my work cutting down organised crime.

This was around the time Supers started to emerge as vigilantes and the law seemed to be some what lenient, or they seemed to not be staffed enough to deal with them. LittleVile seemed to have the highest population of Supers and was probably the safest place to stay under cover, Especially being away from Europe and England as no doubt showing my face there could get me killed.

So I became Leach, I’d carry on my work from nothing and work my way up the organised crime ladder. But there where rules, no killing was the main front runner for this but there have been case where I havn’t had a choice. To get around this I’d normally leave the target for police to find with the right amount of evidence to incarcerate them. I didn’t stop with criminals either, bent cops, corrupt politicians, bad judges anyone who aided organise crime and broke the law but were able to simply beat the system made my list.

If they were going to play on the empathy of good men with violence and money I was going to be the unaccountable variable that would bring them down, from dragging people out of their beds to flying to Japan and bringing them back I wasn’t going to rest.

So I-... awh shit i’m running out of tape space. Right, to cut it short I hope these documents can make a difference and help you better understand who I am, and once thi-

-Tape End-


Extra information: 

- The idea behind Leach is an anti-hero who fights against the organise crime that maybe supers just couldn’t tackle with brute force alone.

- He was inspired by Iconic characters like Batman, Red Hood, Punisher, Black Widow as a operative type character who works to find his target and dish’s out his own ‘justice’ to those he knows have believed to be safe behind the laws they break and the money they slash around. Rather than being a ‘hero’ he is more or less a badguy for the badguys.

- In the past he has taken on a few supers, his strength against this is his ‘under dog’ ability, being fast and resourceful enough to fight or run. Normally he would not go out of his way to take on a villain without gathering intel on them first to weather or not he can win the fight.

- He does not see himself as a superhero because of his dark past and does not live in the hideout as he prefers to work alone in his own Safehouse. However if invited or he knows there is information that is useful to them he will visit.

- Among other things he is very paranoid of his super ‘friends’. From day one he had started collecting information on both supers and villains in terms of their powers ‘weaknesses’ and secret identities in the odd case they go route as insurance rather than a weapon. These would only be discovered for the first time during rp and with the OC owners permission

- He is also a big lover of movies and enjoys hinting to them when he can get away with witty one liners.

Roleplay style: I’m a big fan for paragraph rp’s ideally between 1-4 people at the most, any more and I tend to see them splitting off into groups and by that point I think it goes faster with a smaller number, happy to do one on ones in the DAmn chatroom as well as skype. from social events to ‘missions’.
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